About Us

Achieving Results

We consult with an excellent group of civil, structural, mechanical, and electrical engineers, for projects that require such specialized knowledge. We hire the same engineers repeatedly and have great working relationships with them. With the aid of our consultants, we offer full architectural/engineering services for projects with construction costs of up to $10M.

Sustainable Design

We have a sincere interest in sustainable design and in helping to preserve the earth's resources. As technological advances are continually making green design more affordable, we see few reasons not to invest in ecologically conscious construction. We discuss with our clients the advantages of proper building siting and landscaping features, the use of solar angles, efficient fenestration, sustainable materials, and renewable heating/cooling systems, presented in terms of long term energy savings and as responsible choices as stewards of this planet.

Hands-On Project Leadership

For the past 20 years, we have guided our projects with a unique style of "hands-on" leadership from start to finish. Our design team leads each project from initial design concepts and design development through construction drawings and site administration and observation services.  This ensures that vital details are not lost along the way. We carefully shepherd each design during the rigorous process of transforming sketches into built reality.

Our Team

Scott McElrath


The son of a data entry clerk and a part-time carpenter, Scott grew up with a small hammer in one hand and a mini T-square in the other: ready at a moment’s notice to plan and build the next tree fort. Through fort-building and other related research during elementary, middle, and high school, he discovered that things can be designed and drawn in much less time than it takes to build them. Thus, he realized architecture would allow him to cover more ground than carpentry. After completing a B.S. in Architecture at The Ohio State University and a Master’s in Architecture from the University of Michigan, Scott set out to leave his own mark on the built environment and began gaining experience working for a series of architecture firms, each specializing in a different approach to the field. In 1994, Scott started his own firm beginning with a single new house project. Scott ensures that Dangerous Architects, P.C., provides an energetic, hands-on approach to every project under the careful eyes of an architect/builder. In his spare time, Scott enjoys teaching his two children how to butcher wood with the best of them.

Katie Huang

Architectural Assistant

After she graduated with a degree in the liberal arts from St. John’s College, Katie did some soul-searching and became interested in the possibilities afforded by architecture and design. To test the waters, she joined a local architecture firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. While there, she worked as a CAD monkey before deciding to attend the University of Michigan for graduate studies in architecture. She is currently pursuing her M.Arch degree and plans to graduate in 2018. In her free time, Katie can be found binge watching the latest TV show, going for a run, or slaving away in studio. 

Aaron Deaton

Architectural Assistant

It was after his collegiate years when Aaron returned to his hometown of Chelsea to begin his professional career, bringing back two B.S. degrees in Architecture and Civil Engineering from Lawrence Technological University. Aaron joined Dangerous Architects in the fall of 2016. With a solid education of creative thinking and technical skills, he set his sights on becoming a knowledgeable designer of buildings, an ambition he has maintained since childhood. Aaron’s artistic habits show up in his everyday life in the form of filmmaking, photography, and various projects around the house. From building a simple bookshelf to retrofitting a trombone into a lamp, he is always looking for the next crafting idea. During the warmer months you will find Aaron playing disc golf in the park or lost somewhere upstate with his camping gear.

Matt Feldbush

Architectural Assistant

After graduating from Lawrence Technological University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Architecture, Matt was eager to put his newly-learned and newly-honed skills to use in the real world. He joined Dangerous Architects in the Spring of 2017 and moved to nearby Ypsilanti from his hometown of Fraser to be closer to the firm and the city of Ann Arbor. Matt has always had a passion for architecture and design; With his desire to make a difference in the world using architecture and his undying love of history – he plans to pursue a Master’s degree in Architecture and Art History – Matt hopes to combine these in his career later in life. His creativity extends beyond the world of architecture; he acts in his friend’s filmmaking endeavors, plays the drums with a decent sense of skill, and is attempting to write a novel.